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What materials are needed for ceramic drum encapsulation


What materials are needed for ceramic drum encapsulation

1. Cleaning agent: The drum needs to be polished for dust removal before gluing. In order to ensure a firm bonding when pasting the adhesive board, cleaning agent is also needed. It should be noted that after cleaning with the cleaning agent, the adhesive board cannot be immediately pasted. It is necessary to wait for the cleaning agent to dry and evaporate before pasting to avoid affecting the adhesion strength.


2. Metal primer: In order to protect the drum, improve the adhesion between the drum and the rubber, and avoid rusting of the drum, a uniform layer of metal primer can be sprayed on the surface of the drum after cleaning.


3. Adhesive: Adhesive is an important factor in determining the firmness of the adhesion between the adhesive plate and the drum. It is necessary to choose high-quality adhesive and strictly follow the usage method of the adhesive.