Shandong Xinghe Special Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Linyi National Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is an enterprise that provides professional equipment and anti wear products and solutions. Xinghe focuses on the research and development of new materials and wear resistant and energy-saving technologies, and is committed to providing a complete set of wear resistant technology services for industries such as cement, thermal power, steel, coal, ports, chemical industry, mineral processing, petroleum, machinery, etc., in order to achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction for enterprises.

        The company has introduced core technologies from Japan and Germany, and has technological advantages in fields such as ceramic toughening technology, ceramic metal composite technology, and low nitrogen combustion technology. Based on this, it has mass-produced various sets of wear-resistant and energy-saving equipment, such as low nitrogen burners, wear-resistant pipelines, cyclones, wear-resistant fan impellers, ceramic ball valves, wear-resistant chutes, structural ceramics, and drum packaging.

        Xinghe adheres to the corporate culture of continuous innovation and is committed to providing industrial enterprises with energy-saving technologies and anti wear services that exceed expectations, becoming a professional expert in anti wear, energy conservation, and anti wear in the industry. We look forward to working with our clients to innovate and overcome challenges together