Product Detail
High temperature furnace Refractory silicon carbide ceramic pipes tubes 
Name: Silicon Carbide Ceramic
Brand: SINHO
Model: SHC-H
Features: Great friction resistance, no belt misalignment no slipping
Color: black
Size: as requiired
Using temp.: 1300℃

SHH High Temperature Ceramic

The best wear protection material at high temperature

SHH high temperature ceramic has unique superiority of strong antioxidant activity, good wear resistance, high hardness, good thermal stability, high temperature strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance and chemical corrosion resistance at high temperatures..

Sinho unique technology to make ceramic has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity, so that the products in the heating and cooling process by the thermal stress is smaller, which is the reason that SHH high temperature ceramic has particularly thermal shock resistance.


It can be used as bearing ball, roller, ball seat, tooling, new ceramic cutting tools, piston pump, sealing materials in the machinery industry;

It can be used to produce three times air valve plate and preheater inner tube in the cement industry,;

It can be used as wear and corrosion resistant components, such as ball valve, pump body, combustion carburetor and filter in the chemical industry.

It can be made for metal material processing of mould and die making, such as extubation, mandrel, extrusion, dial wire mould, roll, conveying roller, heating body fixture, thermal couple casing pipe, metal heat processing support, crucible, liquid aluminum tube, aluminum coated line r in metallurgical industry.

It can be used for armored vehicles, aircraft belly, bullet proof clothing, rocket exhaust nozzle and other high temperature work in aerospace industry;