Product Detail
Platinum catalyst white alumina mosaic tile wear resistant ceramic 
Name: Alumina Ceramic Tile
Brand: SINHO
Model: SHC
Features: Great friction resistance, no belt misalignment no slipping
Color: white
Size: as requiired
Using temp.: 1300℃

SHC Wear-Resistant Ceramic

The main component of SHC wear-resistant ceramic is high purity alumina with excellent performance and good price and the most widely used material. A high density, diamond like hardness, fine grain structured and superior mechanical strength are the unique properties that make it the material of choice for a wide range of demanding applications. Because of insulating properties, it is often used in electronic products.

Performance Characteristics

Super high hardness

Very good wear resistance

Low density

Excellent temperature resistance


◾ It is mainly used in the material transportation and preparation system where needs wear protection.

◾ Used in the condition with high temperature, such as crucible, refractory furnace tube, thermocouple, laser tube, etc.

◾ Used in the condition with corrosion protection, such as corrosion resistant to acid and alkali in the material conveying system.

◾ It is used for making electronic ceramic, such as circuit board, substrate, vacuum device, etc.

◾ It is used for structural ceramic parts, such as ceramic bearings, seals, water valve pieces, textile machine wear parts, automotive spark plug, metal wire drawing die, etc.