Product Detail
Large Diameter High Temperature Al2O3 Refractory Alumina Ceramic Lined Pipe 
Name: Ceramic lined pipe
Brand: SINHO
Model: SHC-P
Features: Special pipeline for preventing corrosion of slurry
Color: white
Size: as requiired
Using temp.: 1300℃

CERAMC LINED PIPE High Alumina Ceramic & Steel Pipe

SINHO use paste, welding or dovetail to fix wear-resistant ceramic on the inner wall of the pipe, forming a strong anti-abrasion layer. With superior wear resistance it has been widely used in industrial enterprises pneumatic conveying, hydraulic transmission system, especially the erosion site of the elbow, tee, and distributor. It is one of the best channels with its cost effective.

Using temperature

Paste: below 300℃

Welding: below 600℃

Ring: below 1000

Silicon Carbide: below 1300

Product Features

1. Excellent wear resistance: Adopting alumina ceramics as liner, the lifetime of the pipe is above 10 times than normal hardened steel.

2. Corrosion resistance: Alumina ceramic has advantages of seawater erosion, acid and alkali resistance, also scaling protection.

3. Friction promotion: Inner surface smooth and without erosion, the inner smoothness of pipes is superior to any other metal pipes.

4. Light weight: The weight of ceramic lined pipe compound pipe is just arriving at half of casting stone pipe and approximately 50% of alloy pipe. With advantages of wear and corrosion resistance, the lifetime of ceramic lined pipe is outstandingly longer than other wear resistant pipes hereby the cost of assembly and running is largely reduced.

5. Easily assembly: Due to its light weight and good weld ability, it can be assembled easily with welding or flange connection and remarkably reduce the fixing cost.