Product Detail
Welded Ceramic Tiles 
Name: Welded Ceramic Tiles
Brand: Sinho
Model: SHC-H
Features: Special for pneumatic conveying system at high temperature
Using temp.: 300℃ -800℃

SHC-H Welding ceramic solve anti abrasion of pneumatic conveying system at high temperature introduced from German. The wear resistant ceramic is welded on the inner wall of the equipment to form a strong anti abrasion layer.

Optional material

Ceramic: SHC wear resistant ceramic /SHN Nano ceramic

Viscose: SHV-800

Using temperature

300 -800

Suitable medium

Solid powder particles such as coal, limestone, clinker, cement slurry, such as ash, slag, gypsum, limestone etc.


It is used for powder conveying or pulverizing system equipment at high temperature, such as wind tube of cement plant waste heat power generation, grate cooler outlet pipe, air pipe of iron & steel plant.

Regular size

Thickness 5/7/10/15mm

Super wear resistant

Vivtorinox hardness is up to 1800. For the powder delivery, wear resistance is 20 times than the ordinary carbon steel;