Product Detail
Ceramic Pulley Lagging 
Name: Ceramic Pulley Lagging
Brand: Sinho
Model: SHC-CR
Features: Great friction resistance, no belt misalignment no slipping
Size: dia.300-1800mm

Pulley is not an ideal solution particularly in outdoor conditions, conveyor belt when slips cause significant damage to the drive pulley and the belt. Such damages are not only expensive to repair, but also time consuming and cause enormous loss due to down time. Ceramic pulley lagging is constructed from hundreds of individual ceramic tiles molded into a durable rubber backing. In certain applications, ceramic lagging can effectively prevent the sliding friction between the roller and the belt, and reduce the roller surface binding material, thereby reducing the belt deviation and wear. It is advanced, reliable, fast and convenient installation. Reduce the working intensity of disassembly and assembly, to avoid security risks, and improve maintenance& efficiency.

Product Features:

Excellent wear resistant property

Great friction resistance, no belt misalignment no slipping

Automatic drain contamination, mud removing.

Service life 5 times that of normal rubber coating dive pulley


Applicable to high wear, easy slippage and material or extreme wet conditions, especially suitable for steel cable conveyor belt or high speed and high tension conveyor belt.

Pulley form

Driving pulley, Bend pulley, passive pulley

Working temperature: ≤100