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customized ZTA Al2O3 alumina ZrO2 zirconia ceramic square rod 
Name: ZTA
Brand: SINHO
Model: SHA
Features: Great friction resistance, no belt misalignment no slipping
Color: white
Size: as requiired
Using temp.: 1300℃
Original: 0.00

SHA Alloy Ceramic

The perfect combination of the best balance of hardness and toughness

SHA Alloy ceramic is one of the toughest ceramic materials on the market, and it is the perfect combination of the best balance of hardness and toughness.

SHA alloy ceramic with high hardness, strength, toughness, and wear resistance is considered the best anti-abrasion material and ideal material for high pressure mechanical parts heat insulation. It is also widely used in metal machinery fittings.

SHA alloy ceramic has been widely used in various fields of ceramics, refractory materials, machinery, electronics, optics, aerospace, biology, and chemistry and so on.

Performance characteristics

Higher hardness

Super high toughness

Super high bending resistance

Unmatched abrasion resistance

Lower density

Excellent temperature resistance

Extremely low thermal conductivity

The coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to steel

Good insulation performance

Good corrosion resistance


Used in the serious impact& wear condition;

Used for grinding to prevent the pollution of materials, such as grinding of medicine, food, cosmetics and other industries

Used for making ceramic parts, such as ceramic bearings, ceramic valves, seals, nozzle, plunger, roller, etc

Used for high requirements of corrosion protection, such as paint, textile, printing and dyeing etc

Can be used as the induction heating pipe, refractory materials and heating element

Used for High-tech production of daily necessities, such as ceramic tools, jewelry, bracelet, mobile phone shell