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Titanium Ceramic  
Name: Titanium Ceramic
Brand: Sinho
Model: SHT
Features: The hardest material, except diamond
Using temp.: 1400-1500℃
Original: 0.00

SHT Titanium ceramic’s structure is very similar to diamond, so that it has similar hardness and strength of diamond.

SHT Titanium ceramic not only has many excellent characteristics, but also high thermal stability and chemical inertness of iron group metal and alloy. Its wear resistance is higher than hard alloy and ceramic when processing high hardness materials, so that reduce the feet inch deviation or size dispersion in the processing of large parts. It is a new material for hard alloy cutting tools, 8-10 times of comprehensive benefits than cemented carbide tool materials in processing.

SHT titanium ceramic as a super hard abrasive material is widely used in different industry processing field, such as the aerospace, automotive, microelectronics, vacuum equipment, optical communication, precious metal smelting and other industrial indispensable important materials.

It is also widely used in aerospace industry, high temperature, high voltage and insulation, cooling components, such as military missile microwave window, radome, plasma discharge chamber insulation heat-resistant parts, satellite communication on traveling wave tube clamp holding rod, microwave waveguide, thermal insulation film, ion of high temperature wind tunnel insulating sheet.