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Nano Ceramic Tiles 
Name: Nano Ceramic Tiles
Brand: Sinho
Model: SHN
Features: The most cost-effective wear resistant materials of high impact parts
Color: white
Original: 0.00

SHN Nano ceramic is a composite ceramics consisting of alumina, carbon compounds and rare earth oxides with their unique nanostructures, and addition of rare earth oxides, so that the ceramic materials in strength and toughness has been greatly improved.

SHN Nano ceramic will be the perfect choice when the SHC wear resistant ceramic cannot meet the requirements of mechanical properties. Compared with the SHA alloy ceramics, it has a better performance and price.

Performance characteristics

Super high hardness

Good toughness

Higher flexural properties

Excellent wear resistance

Low density

Excellent temperature resistance

High insulation performance

Corrosion resistance

Thermal shock stability


Used for anti abrasion of high impact equipment in industrial plants

Used for structural ceramic parts, such as oil, chemical industry pump cylinder plunger, ceramic ball valve, ceramic gear, ceramic bearings, paper industry

Used for ceramic panel, slag removal and other fine ceramic products

Used for making high hard cutting tools